Episode 23

Published on:

1st Feb 2022

Sue Haswell (laughter yoga coach)

This week, Sue Haswell, a laughter yoga coach, tells us:

  • How to give yourself an internal massage
  • What laughter yoga is (including a demo)
  • How making laughter a default reaction helped Sue in a car crash
  • Why she hates bright flowers
  • ... and much more.

Find out more about Sue at suehaswell.co.uk and at creativelaughter.co.uk

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More about Sue

Although now a coach, trainer and therapist, Sue's main work used to be in the serious-sounding field of “corporate communications” and she's been using NLP to support communication and behaviour change since 1997. In 2011 Sue became a Laughter Yoga Leader, then a Laughter Facilitator, and finally a Laughter Yoga teacher – which means she teaches others to be Laughter Yoga Leaders. Now she aim's to inject a few Laughter Yoga principles into all her work – because the health benefits are incredible and the perspective change that laughter gives can be deeply transformative.

Sue likes to stress that Laughter Yoga isn’t about humour, "it’s just laughter because it’s very good for us", she explains. Last week someone asked Sue, “Can you teach me Laughter Yoga if I’m not very flexible?”. “Yes," Sue replied, "Laughter Yoga doesn’t need flexibility”. "Oh good," they said, "I can’t make Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays".

You can find Sue's website at suehaswell.co.uk and at creativelaughter.co.uk (which she set up back in 2012 to offer group coaching and training, and one-to-one work).

Sue works in public and private sector organisations, training in coaching, mindfulness, NLP and Laughter Yoga to support stress management and creativity. Throughout Covid she's been working online with a number of blue-light organisations, including the police and NHS to support stress management and team building through laughter and mindfulness.

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